Michael Stubbs

West Sussex, Inglaterra, 1961

Vive e trabalha em Londres



Exposições Individuais

2015 - Autocatalytic Future Games, Hollenbach               Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany

          - Fireeye Shift, Laurent Delaye Gallery,

             Londres, UK

2014 - Michael Stubbs, The Avenue, Londres, UK

2013 - Paintings/Prints/Drawings/Collages, Cass               Gallery, London Metropolitan University,               London, UK    

2011 - Fireeye Meltdown, Laurent Delaye Gallery,             London, UK      

2010 - Michael Stubbs, Laurent Delaye Gallery,                 Londres,UK

2009 - Virus Prints, Laurent Delaye Gallery,

            Londres, UK

          - Virus Drawings, Rod Barton, Londres, UK

2007 - Michael Stubbs, Galeria Baró Cruz, São                   Paulo, Brasil

          - Michael Stubbs, Foyer, Space Studios

            Gallery, Londres, UK

2006 - Michael Stubbs, Hollenbach Gallery,

            Stuttgart, Alemanha

          - Michael Stubbs, Street Gallery,

            GlaxoSmithKline, Londres, UK

2005 - Michael Stubbs, Marella Contemporary                 Art, Milão, Itália

2002 - Michael Stubbs, Entwistle Gallery,Londres

1998 - Michael Stubbs,Duncan Cargill Gallery,

            Londres, UK

1997 - Michael Stubbs, Concourse Gallery,

            Byam Shaw School of Art, Londres, UK

1996 - Michael Stubbs, Lotta Hammer Gallery,

            Londres, UK

1995 - 2 by 1, Curtain Road Arts, Londres, UK 

1993 - Michael Stubbs, Bipasha Ghosh, Londres

1991 - Michael Stubbs, Nicola Jacobs Gallery

            Londres, UK


Exposições Coletivas

2015 - Collateral Drawing Part III, Waterfront                     Gallery, University of Ipswich

          - Works from the Collection, British                           Council, Nova Deli, India

          - Autocatalytic Future Games, No Format                 Gallery, London, UK           

2014 - When Elephants Come Marching In:                       Sixties Echoes in Todays Art, De Appel,                   Amsterdam, Holanda

          - Bad Copy: Museums at Night, Story                         Museum, Cardiff, UK

          - Collateral Drawing, College of Art,                           Plymouth, UK  

2013 - Art Britannia - The Best of New British,                   Madonna Building, Miami, USA 

          - Postcards from the Studio, Acme Project               Space, London, UK

          - Core Purpose, Laurent Delaye Gallery,                   London, UK

          - Summer Saloon Show, Lion & Lamb                       Gallery, London, UK    

          - Drawing the Line, Artkapsule                                   Editions@Koleksiyon Showrooms,                           London, UK

         - Dirty Pop: Contemporary British Painting,              Model Gallery, Leeds, UK

        - The Poster Show, Mayor's Parlour, Plus Art              Projects, London, UK  

2012 - Porta Nigra: Black Gate, Hidde Van                         Seggelen Gallery, London

          - The Mayor's Parlour, Plus Art Projects,                   London, UK

          - Pencil and Paper, Poppy Sebire Gallery,                 London, UK

         - The Seven lamps, Lubomirov-Easton                      Gallery, London, UK                                                  - Butterfly Effect, Artkapsule Editions @                    Koleksiyon Showrooms, London, UK

         - Hallogallo, Cass Gallery, London                              Metropolitan University, London, UK   

2011 - 15 Years, Hollenbach Gallery, Stuttgart,                   Germany

          - Rotate, Laurent Delaye Gallery, London,                 UK

2010 - Fast Forward: Contemporary British Art in             Brazil, São Paulo Biennale, Brazilian                         British Cultural Centre, São Paulo, Brasil  

          - Use & Mention,University of

            Greenwich, Londres, UK

          - Inaugural Show, Galeria Oscar Cruz, São               Paulo, Brasil

         - Contemporary Art III, Galeria Oscar Cruz,               São Paulo, Brasil

2009 - RCA Secret, Royal College of Art, Londres

          - Now: Art of the 21st Century, Phillips

            De Pury, Londres, UK

          - Supersurface FX, Hollenbach Gallery,

            Stuttgart, Alemanha 

          - Supersurface, Laurent Delaye Gallery,

            Londres, UK

          - Paper View,John Jones Project Space,

            Londres, UK

          - Works on Paper, Hollenbach Gallery,

            Stuttgart, Alemanha

          - The Sculpture Show: Oysters Ain’t,

             V22 Presents, Londres, UK

          - Hypersurface FX, Margini

            Contemporary Art, Massa, Itália

2008 - RCA Secret, Royal College of Art, Londres

          - Superstratum, Koraalberg Gallery,

            Antuérpia, Bélgica

          - John Moores 25: Contemporary

            Painting, Liverpool Biennale, Walker

            Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK 

          - 100%, Mauger Modern Art, Bath, UK

          - Space Now, Space Studios Gallery,                           Londres, UK

          - Hypersurface: Painting in a Virtual

            World, OVADA Gallery, Oxford, UK 

          - Saturday @ Phillips, Phillips De Pury,

            Londres, UK 

          - Hypersurface, Rod Barton Invites,                           Londres

          - Superscope, Lounge Gallery, Londres, UK 

2007 - RCA Secret, Royal College of Art,

            Londres, UK

          - British Painting, Hollenbach Gallery,

            Stuttgart, Alemanha

          - Marino Golinelli Collection, Phillips

            De Pury, Victoria House, Londres, UK

          - Winter Exhibition, Contemporary Art

            Projects, Londres, UK

2006 - Salon Connexions, Contemporary

            Art Projects, Londres, UK

          - Ebb and Flow Part II, Raid Projects,

             Los Angeles, USA

          - John Moores 24: Contemporary

            Painting, Liverpool Biennale, Walker

            Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK 

          - Celeste Art Prize: Finalist, The Well                         Gallery, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane,

            Londres, UK 

2005 - About Painting II, Hollenbach

            Gallery, Stuttgart, Alemanha

          - Painting: London,Holly Snapp

            Gallery, Veneza, Itália

          - Group Show, Galeria Baró Cruz, São

             Paulo, Brasil 

          - Ebb and Flow, Three Colts Gallery,

            Londres, UK

2004 - Showdown Painting,Hengrove Art

            Space,Bristol, UK

          - Revolution, Trailer Projects, Londres, UK

          - 22, Artspace 22, Londres, UK

            Worn Out Wash Monkeys, Londres, UK

          - Gallery Artists, Entwistle Gallery, Londres

          - Stay Positive! Positivism and

            Abstraction, Marella Contemporary

            Art, Milão, Itália

          - Collezione#1, Isabella Brancolini

            Gallery, Florença, Itália

2003 - Godzilla, Trailer Projects, Londres, UK

          - Lexmark European Art Prize: UK

            Finalists, EyeStorm Gallery, Londres, UK

          - About Painting, Hollenbach Gallery,

            Stuttgart, Alemanha

          - Painting Per Se, Galeria Andre Millan,

            São Paulo, Brasil

          - Painting per se, Galeria Oscar Cruz,

            Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

          - Gallery Artists, Entwistle Gallery, Londres

          - New Abstract Painting: Painting

            Abstract Now, Museum Morsbroich,

            Leverkusen, Alemanha

          - Summer Exhibition: New Painters,

            Royal Academy of Arts (artista

            convidado), Londres, UK 

          - Post Flat: New Art From London,

            Locks Gallery, Filadelfia, USA

2002 - Absolut Secret, Royal College of Art,

            Londres, UK

          - Matt Franks, DJ Simpson, Michael

            Stubbs, Hollenbach Gallery,

            Stuttgart, Alemanha

          - Gallery Artists, Entwistle Gallery, Londres

          - Painting as a Foreign Language, Centro                  Britanico Brasiliero, São Paulo, Brasil

2001 - Vivid, Richard Salmon Gallery, Londres

          - Mead Gallery, University of Warwick,

             Coventry, UK

          - Northern Gallery for Contemporary

             Art, Sunderland, UK

          - Absolut Secret, Royal College of Art,

             Londres, UK

          - So Nearly Exotic, Academy of Fine

            Arts, Helsinque, Finlândia

          - Teeth & Trousers, Cell Projects, 38-50

            Arcola Street, E8 - London, UK

          - Throb, Westland Place Gallery, Londres

2000 - Assembly, Stepney City, Londres, UK

          - Include Me Out, Londres, UK

1999 - Din/D-I-N, 4x4 Project Space,

            Amsterdã, Holanda

          - Elastic Abstract, Curtain Road Arts,

            Londres, UK 

          - Spacex Gallery, Exeter, UK

1998 - Cluster Bomb, Morrison/Judd

            Gallery, Londres, UK

          -  From Within, Juliet Gallery, Trieste, Itália

          - British Painting in the 90’s,

            Hollenbach Gallery, Stuttgart, Alemanha

          - Minus, Duncan Cargill Gallery, Londres

          - Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Gallery,                Londres,UK

1997 - Absolut Secret, Royal College of Art,

             Londres, UK

          - World of Painting, Unit Gallery, Londres

          - Rennovate, Shoreditch Town Hall,                            Londres

          - Fifty Quid, Goldsmiths College, Londres

          - Group Show, Duncan Cargill Gallery,

            Londres, UK

          - Traffic, (Video) Curtain Road Arts, Londres

1996 - Absolut Secret, Royal College of Art,

            Londres, UK

          - Snuff , Tatort Gallery, Londres, UK

          - Christa Schubbe Gallery, Dusseldorf,


          - Group Show, Lotta Hammer Gallery,

             Londres, UK

          - Gerard Hemsworth, Paul Morrison,

            Michael Stubbs, Villa Dei Cesari, Londres

          - Fifty Quid, Derbyshire Street Studios,

            Londres, UK 

          - Really out of Order, John Hansard  

            Gallery, Southampton, UK

          - The Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK

          - Out of Order, Independent Art        

            Space, Londres, UK

          - WEU Presidency Exhibition;

            Contemporary Art from the British

            Council Collection,  Western

            European Union, Bruxelas, Bélgica

          - Art 96, Curtain Road Arts at the

            Design Centre, Londres, UK

1995 - Cocaine Orgasm, Bank, ,Londres, UK

          - Gang Warfare, McKinney Ave.

            Contemporary, Dallas, USA

          - Independent Art Space, Londres, UK 

          - Le Consortium, Dijon, França

          - Hard Work - Shift 2, Londres, UK

          - That’s not the way to do it, PS2

            Gallery, University of Northumbria,

            Newcastle, UK

1994 - Potato, Independent Art Space,

            Londres, UK            

          - Miniatures, The Agency, Londres, UK

          - Punishment & Decoration,Hohenthal

            und Bergen Gallery, Colonia,


1993 - Mandy Loves Declan 100%, Mark

            Boote Gallery, Nova Iorque, USA

          - East, Norfolk Institute of Art &

            Design, Norwich, UK

          - Launch, Curtain Road Arts, Londres, UK

          - New Voices, British Painting 

89-93- Musee National d’ Histoire et d’

            Art Luxembourg;  Istanbul Greater                         Municipality Taksim Art Gallery, Turquia

          - Ankara State Fine Arts Gallery,Turquia

          - Izmin State Painting & Sculpture

             Museum, Turquia 

          - Centre d’Art, Santa Monica, Barcelona,


          - Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao,Espanha

          - Cento Cultural Galileo, Madri,Espanha

          - Sala de Veronicas, Murcia, Espanha

          - Pescadera Vieja, Sala de Arte, Jerez,    


          - Kulturhistorisches Museum,        

            Magdeborg, Alemanha

          - National Theatre Gallery, Bucareste,


          - Art Halls of the Cultural Centre,

            Atenas, Grécia

          - Cultural Centre, National Bank of

            Greece, Thess alonikl, Grécia

          - Russian Museum, São Petersburgo,


          - The Museum, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia

          - Mirabachov Palace, Bratislava,


          - House of the Black Madonna, Czech                       Museum of Fine Arts,Praga, Eslováquia

          - Museum of Modern Art, Skopje,


1992 - New Voices, (New Works for the

            British Council Collection) Centre

            Albert Borschette, Bruxelas, Bélgica

          - Joy & Pain, ICA (De Appel), Amsterdã,


1991 - Critics View, Foyer Gallery, Royal

            Festival Hall, Londres, UK

          - Affordable Art, Connaught Brown

           Gallery, Londres, UK

          - Gallery Artists, Nicola Jacobs Gallery,

            Londres, UK

          - Winter ‘91, Nicola Jacobs Gallery,

            Londres, UK

1990 - Whitechapel Open,Whitechapel


          - Hommage to the Square, Flaxman

           Gallery,  Londres, UK

          - Swimming Underwater, Imagination

            Design & Communication, Londres, UK

          - MA Show, Goldsmiths College, Londres

          - 76 46 01 46 British Contemporaries,

            Ecole des Beaux Arts, Grenoble, França

          - Interim, Goldsmiths Gallery, Londres, UK

          - Countdown, Chisenhale Gallery, Londres

Vanitas, 2006
Vanitas, 2006

técnica mista sobre MDF,, 122 x 122 cm

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Slidetoggle Gradient, 2014
Slidetoggle Gradient, 2014

técnica mista s/MDF, 152 x 122 cm

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Digiflesh # 8
Digiflesh # 8

técnica mista s/MDF, 152 x 122 cm

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